Tuesday, November 27, 2007

keep on knitting

OMG too cute, saw this pattern on Saartje's site and had to try them, yes, those are wine bottle corks! http://www.saartjeknits.nl/patterns/Korknisse.html
Our SNB spent a long weekend up in New York at a memebers condo, just beautiful, what a wonderful time, we have some GREAT members, we just laughed and knitted for 3 days! I left one of these guys for the kitchen.

Finished up at the last minute this little sweater Sunday morning, the shower was at noon. I didn't get to block it, but I think it's OK...... I had a lot of trouble with this pattern so I'm not going to mention it, thanks to Andi for helping and encouraging me to finish it up. It turned out really cute. The lighting wasn't too good, it's been pretty overcast, so the true colors are brighter, the cuff and collar are more of a bright yellow.

Been working on a scarf for our SNB scarf swap, don't know who it is for, hope they like it. This is a worsted weight yarn I hand dyed and the pattern is from my new favorite book Knitting New Scarves by Lynne Barr. Holy Cow, it is a fabulous book, making me see that I can manipulate yarn like I can fabric.

This is a panel from a bag I'm knitting with our SNB, one of our members came up with this great design. This was the first time I knitted cables and used two colors, so it was a slooooow start, lots of frogging, but I had lots of encouragement from Andi, the designer. I'm just about finished with the second panel, This is a KnitPicks black and another one of the hand dyes. I have a great mustard and a bright turquise to knit the sides, top and bottom with. I'll post more pics as I work on it. Thanks Andi!!!
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fall foliage

Whew, what a month!! Freddy had 4 days of surprises for me for my 50th. It started with flying in my BFF and ended with a party. Here are the last remnants, birthday confetti strewn in the yard. I am so blessed!

Took some pics a few weeks ago, the fire bush was outstanding, it almost glowed.

Thank goodness the Arum came back, not as big as before. It will stay green until the spring, die off and then come back

Of course the lace leaf japanese maple was fabulous, the warm weather gave us a beautiful fall. I'm looking out right now, and all the trees are bald, probably one more time for the leaf pick up. The pin oaks hold on to their leaves till the spring. phew.
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