Tuesday, July 31, 2007

beautiful day

Cookie's loving the sun, her favorite thing is to sit and soak it up. What she's doing right now.

The sun was shining so strong last night, it got pretty hot but we decided to sit with Fred while he grilled the vege's, what a great evening, all 5 of us together for dinner. Saw this spider web, the colors reflected were unbelieveable, I just couldn't get them on camera

There's a quilt in there somewhere.

The sun was shining right through the leaves, so pretty. Last night will remain one of my all time favorites, we just laughed and laughed, Tom stopped by and sat for a while. Love it..

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Another sign Summer is coming to an end, the grapes are starting to bulge. Boy, there sure are a lot of them this year, it's been 5 years since we planted them..... maybe we'll get to taste more than 3 or 4. A few more weeks and Maggie and Max will be gone, still not sure if Max will be playing hockey instead of going to school. What ever should happen will, so I'm trying not to get too crazy.

I think these are the concords, a bit denser, they have been the sweetest grapes we've ever tasted.

I think these are the whites, maybe the reds, it's hard to tell because the vines keep on crossing around and I can't keep track.

At least Fritz will be home this last year..... I know I won't see him much, but just knowing we have one more year makes me feel better. Working on the basement, getting everything up to the sewing room is going to be a pain, and figuring out how to get organized is daunting, but will be worth it once it is all done.... can't wait to have all of my "stuff" together, and a cutting table again!!!!
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This is the time of the year I start dreading... the lillies are just about finished, the crickets and locusts are making noises, and the end of the summer is near. It used to be that the kids will start back at school and our summer fun is over. Now we have to get up, eat at a certain time, and they are gone all day long. Egads, I hate "having" to be somewhere or do something.

The Herbs are looking as healthy as can be expected, lots of sun, no rain. I've been trying to remember to water, well, trying.

The pond plants are very prolific again....I'm pulling a dozen out a day and putting them in the comopost.

Very worried, the Italian Arum only has one seed pod this year, and it is late in turning orange. Shoot, I hope that it is OK.... I may have to move it in the spring. I can't see the shoot I started at the other garden, rats.

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Ugh... will I ever be happy

Finally, Knitpicks yarn is dyed and dryed

First try with a Crosshatch pattern from Charlene Schurch's 2nd book, frogged and frogged, trying to figure out a way to keep track. I finally got this far and realized they are WAY too big, now I'm frustrated and decided to start again. Geez.

I found a great pattern online, Beatrix clog socks, the pattern runs down the back and over the heel. Since I wear clogs all winter long these seem perfect. I cast on 29 for the pattern as needed, but only 23 in the front to keep the gauge correct. I just didn't like the way this yarn knitted up with the 00 Hiya Hiya I have.
I enlarged and printed out the lace pattern, using the magnet thingy. I check mark in pencil when the row is finshed and just use the magnet to make it easy to find the row while I'm knitting. I can't tell you how many times the magnets fell off during transit!. I also highlighted every few stitched to help me keep track of which set I'm on. Ya, I think I'm getting it!

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Friday, July 27, 2007

First Post

Never had a diary or journal, so here goes.