Wednesday, October 17, 2007

busy busy weeks

Can't even remember what I've been doing.... but I haven't had much time to knit or post. Happy to report that the backyard is still green, only the neighbors dogwoods are turning! Leaving for Rhinebeck Friday, I better get some pics posted before then and empty the card in my camera.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Home finally

Spent the last few days gone, I'm so happy to be home, in our own bed. The rain was torrential yesterday, but today is the most beautiful day, again. I am happy to report that the leaves aren't turning in the back yard, everywhere else, but not in my limited world, so I can pretend a bit longer. I do so miss all of the comotion from the kids, trying to fiture out how to get used to it.

The Arum is starting to come back up, I love this because it is green until the end of January, I hope there will be more leaves, I have to transfer it in the spring, it must be too shady where it is.

The fire bush in the front yard is turning, lots more sun there, so they always are first.

The Japanese Anemone are in full bloom - I LOVE THEM!!!
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Weird critters

Found this guy behind the mailbox, sprayed and sprayed and it just dropped to the ground and started running towards me, couldn't get a good shot, I was a bit freaked out, it was bigger than my thumb!

Have a few new baby squirrels in the yard, finally have a black one - don't know what to name him just yet, he is really a cutie.

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Stitch Markers

Having way too much fun, found some great beads and thought I'd make some markers. I'm having some problems finding double or split rings any bigger than 8mm, still looking

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sock confessions

Started another new pair, why oh why, wanted to try out this yarn I dyed with Wilton, and of course, Andi's new pattern "Toad in the Hole" it is so much fun, easy to remember but still challenging. These colors are looking really great with this pattern, the teal color is almost luminescent. These are the great Sox Stix I got as a gift from our trip to Columbus, thanks gals! So lucious!!!!

Almost finished with this pair, not sure if I like the Addi bamboo, the join isn't as smooth as the turbo's but I'm actually knitting looser so it isn't so bad. These are generic Crazy Toes and Heels just at the toe decrease. For a Christmas gift so I better get crackin'.

This is a toe up from the Crazy Toes and Heels using the self striping yarn I dyed a few months ago, I ticked them out so many times, I finally like the way that they are turning out, using a pattern from Charlene Schurch's More Sensational Socks, not so sure which one just yet.

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Mom's 90th B-day celebration

Here are a few pics of our great party for mom, Thanksbirthdaygiving.

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Group pics

These are the best of the group pics, the little girl that took them was pretty shakey, not many in focus.

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more group pics


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trip to Buffalo

Took a road trip, saw Maggie's team play Friday night and Saturday, Yahoo, they won both Matches. Maggie has imporoved soo much!

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