Tuesday, September 25, 2007

2 new projects

This is one of the Knit Picks bare yarns I dyed with Wilton, hat finished for Max

Scarf knit up for Maggie, of course school colors.
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fingering weight Wilton dye day

This one looks very cool in the sunlight, almost glowing, Wilton dye leaf green, teal and royal blue

Royal blue, violet and Teal

Brown, copper and red

Yellow, orange red and brown
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Sunday, September 23, 2007

gauntlets and great night

Max came home for the weekend, had a last horrah out back, tikki lights and bonfire, another wonderful night, the weather was great. I spent the day cleaning and dying, will post pics later.

Oh, my first pattern design for gauntlets, I thought I was some sort of knitting genious until I googled "free knit fingerless gloves pattern" and found a bunch of them, just like it. Oh well, ya gotta start somewhere.

I'm learning so much about reading a skein, this is purchased hand dyed wool, didn't expect it to come out like this. I am trying to avoid the puddling effect when dying. This turned out beautiful, I like the way it is sort of striped then at the top makes little blocks of color.
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Thursday, September 20, 2007

last of the dying day

I wanted to try painting next....this was fairly dry yarn and after the vinigar bath I diluted the dye with a bit of the vinigar water. Dapped it on, wrapped it with plastic and cooked it in the microwave in a bowl of water. I washed with Dawn and the water ran clear, so it worked.

I've been looking for some green yarn for a hat for Max, OU colors. This one is green with a bit of black on one end and brown on the other. I'm trying to get the color on so it won't puddle too much.

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more dying day

Here is a skein with golden yellow, brown and orange

One side lime green, the other side orange and lemon yellow

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more Wilton Dying

I decided to give the Wilton Icing Dyes another chance. I soaked the yarn in vinigar water for 20 minutes, in the mean time started a pot and brought the water to a simmer. Placed the yarn in, trying to keep the two sides seperate. Later on I placed a small jar full of water in the middle to keep them apart. I dropped teal on one side and burgandy on the other.

After about 15 minutes of steeping I tested the water with a white plastic spoon, the water was clear, so all of the dye was absorbed by the yarm. After drying out in the back, this is what is looks like

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sun keeps on shining

The water lettuce keeps on propegating....I love how they close up at night.

So, I'm putting together the lasagna for Frit'z 22nd birthday, I look out the kitchen window and there are 5 deer, eating the crab apples. I hope they eat them ALL.

We were just enjoying an adult beverage out on the patio and saw this hawk in the neighbors yard. Get those varments.

So, Froggy is sitting out with us tonight.

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fall garden starting

I do love the money tree, so delecate and airy. I love the way the sun goes through them. Time to cut them and make a bouquet

One lowley Glad, so pretty

Can't believe how beautiful the Japanese Anemone are....lots of them.
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Friday, September 14, 2007

More dye fun!

Spent a little more time with the Wilton icing dye....red and black mixed in the pot after the yarn was dropped in. I really wanted to create colors that will not "puddle" when knit up, so the back and the front of the skein are different along with the ends. This looks a bit pinker that it really is.

The variations are unbelievable from just two dye colors

This one is using green, yellow and blue, I dropped the dye in little bits after the yarn was in the boiling water.

I'm loving how vibrant the colors are. Different than the Jaquard but I can do it in my kitchen.
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skeins of dyed yarn

This is done with Procian dyes... black and brown with a little blue

This one is black red and orange....

This one is koolaid dyed worsted wool, very suble, I think this may be a pair of fingerless gloves.

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another dye day yesterday

So, I decided to go forward and try a self striping dye again, this time with the Wilton icing dye. I wanted a black and white stripe. Here is the yarn skeined out. I tied in between the colors very tight so that the black wouldn't seep over to the white. I soaked the whole thing in vinagar water.

Here is the pot of black, the undyed section is draped over the pot... looks good doesn't it? Well, I left it bublling till the water turned clear (about 15 mins) I took it out and rinsed it, and the black was a sick sort of mottled purplish color. Rats

So, I did an overdye, just blobbing in the violet color... looks good.

After rinsing, washing and drying it looks good, although I forgot about the part that I tied tight, so there is a white strip each side between the colors... oh well, should look good.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Just a few pics of the garden...the Arum seeds are looking good, just wish there were more of them. The leaves should start coming up soon.

One lowley strawberry, Oh well.

the Sedum are starting to bloom, I love how strong and hardy these are. Got a new one this summer, we'll see what color it is soon.
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